4 Furnace Sounds that Signal Repair Time

4 Furnace Sounds that Signal Repair Time

Your home’s central heating system is made up of several moving components like motors, fans, your main furnace and AC unit, and ductwork. Each part is prone to wear and tear damage over time, so routine maintenance is usually necessary for a properly functioning home HVAC system.
While you can’t maintain your home’s HVAC completely by yourself, there are a few important sounds to listen for that specify damage or wear on your central heating. Is that gurgling sound your hearing a sign that you should call a heating repair service?
Dodge unnecessary repairs and future downtime by knowing what a failing motor or air buildup sounds like. Here are the most common sounds a faulty HVAC system makes and what issues they might cause.

1. Clunking and Banging

A common component of many heating systems is the boiler, which uses a heat exchange plate. This plate collects limescale residue over time that can flake away and restrict the flow of hot water from the boiler.
Without proper cleaning, this water can steam and expand, creating pressure in the vessel that can cause audible clunking and banging sounds and result in long-term damage.
The heat exchanger pipes in the boiler may develop cracks that also cause banging noises as it expands in the heat.

2. Whistling

In addition to limescale buildup, air trapped within a boiler can generate a whistling sound. If you ever hear whistling coming from your HVAC system, call a heating repair service immediately to release the air and identify the issue that caused the buildup.

3. Rattling

The panels used to cover components like the system fan are usually held down by screws. Over time, loosened screws cause the panels to vibrate during operation and start rattling. Refasten or replace any loose screws if you ever hear rattling.
As heating systems age, their motors might collect debris and dust. Inspect the motor for damaged components and replace necessary components.

4. Gurgling

Gurgling noises in your heating unit can be produced by a variety of issues, including trapped air pockets in the pipes, frozen condensate, or uneven heating in the radiator.
Regardless of the cause, bleeding your radiator generally fixes the problem. A reliable heating repair service can help you fix any gurgling sounds that you may hear.

Other Problems

• Knocking – Hot water flowing through your pipes naturally causes them to expand and contract in the heat. Sometimes, pipes fitted too close to walls or floorboards might knock against them during operation.
• Dripping – Drips indicate fluid leaks in the heating unit. Always hire a professional to fix leaks and diagnose any issues that cause leaks.
• Tapping – Finally, tapping is a noise associated with ill-fitted parts. If you recently installed or replaced a component in your HVAC system, listen for tapping sounds in case a part was installed incorrectly.

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• Home heating systems are complex and usually require professional work to maintain. However, you can identify common issues simply by listening for noises your radiator makes.
• Clunking, banging, rattling, whistling, or other noises can usually point to issues in your pipes, radiator, motors, or fans. If you hear any issues, contact your local HVAC repair depot.
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