3 Heating Tips from Your #1 Heating Repair Service to Help You Deal with the Approaching Winter

3 heating tips from your 1 heating repair service to help you deal with the approaching winter

Here in Canada, winter is always just a few seasons away. No matter how hot the summer is we await the first snowfall the minute we feel the cool breeze of fall. At first, we welcome the change in temperature, but soon the cold can prove more oppressing than the summertime heat. While jacking up the thermostat will cost you each month, for most Canadians, it’s a fact of life when winter comes calling.

If you’re worried your heating system will leave you out in the cold, don’t wait.

The last thing you should do is wait until your home is freezing before calling a heating repair service technician to inspect and service your HVAC system.

Here are a few tips we recommend you follow when it comes to your home’s heating system.

1. Proper Insulation Matters | Heating Repair Service

A trained heating repair service technician will check your heater’s flue to be certain the exhaust is properly leaving your home in a safe way. Professionals can identify if flue gas “spillage” is occurring like it’s supposed to. If not, exhaust can lead to some serious health problems and asphyxiation.

Separate from safety, leaks of any type in your system can become quite costly. If not addressed by a professional, operating costs for your system could increase by as much as 25%.

2. A Calibrated Thermostat Saves You Money | Heating Repair Service

Dirt and dust will affect a calibration of your thermostat. If you try to turn it up and it takes some time to start working that is what is interfering with it working properly. Other issues could be the bases switch and loose, corroded wires. When your thermostat is working right, that affects how your heating system works and correct thermostat calibration matter even when there isn’t anyone home. Don’t let your heating system waste energy while you’re gone.

A heating repair service technician will inspect your furnace, checking settings to ensure that warmth is running through the home effectively. They can even install a programmable thermostat, saving you at least ten percent on each month’s heating bill.

3. Trust a Heating Repair Service Professional | Heating Repair Service

The safety and comfort of you and your family is an HVAC technician’s top priority. Heating failures and other hazards can be easily prevented by working with a professional. The lifespan of your unit can even be increased when properly examined and tuned up. Dirty burners, a cracked heat exchanger, or a loose gas/oil connection is an incredibly unsafe operating condition you shouldn’t wait to have fixed. It will always cost far more if you wait to call a heating repairing service instead of dealing with it immediately.

HVAC technician check burners, furnaces, every part of your heating seems. They remove dust and debris to ensure efficient operation. No defects like rust and separated seamed are left in the furnace’s chambers once they’ve done their repairs. They know exactly what to look for and how to fix it.

Stay Warm This Winter | Heating Repair Service

Get in touch with your heating repair service company that knows exactly how to help you before winter is in full swing. Reach out to Infiniti Air Whitby and have us check your heating system now, not later.

Infiniti Air Whitby cares about your home’s safety. Our trained and licensed technicians will make sure your winter is as comfortable as possible. We have over fifteen years of experience in heat pump and furnace repair and installation. Servicing Toronto, the GTA, Ajax, and Whitby, we guarantee quality service and full customer satisfaction.

  • Winter isn’t the time to call a heating repair service. Do it before you’re left shivering in your own home.
  • Thermostats and leaks can cost you more than money. Make sure your home is safe.
  • Have your furnace, burners, and heat pump checked by a licensed professional. Contact Infiniti Air Whitby today.


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