4 DIY Air Conditioning Repair Tips to Try Before Calling an Air Condition Repair Service

4 DIY Air Conditioning Repair Tips to Try Before Calling an Air Condition Repair Service

When your air conditioner is on the fritz, it’s never at a good time. Usually, it’s a hot summer day, you just got home from running errands, and all you want is to cool the house down as fast as possible. Of course, that’s when the trouble starts.

  • Is it broken?
  • Do you need to call a repair service?
  • Should you buy a new one?

Questions like these will race through your mind and you will want to call an air conditioning repair service. However, do your own troubleshooting first. Sometimes, a quick fix is all you need.

1. Have You Changed the Filter? | Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

This is one of the most common issues when it comes to air conditioners. So many people don’t think to consistently change or clean the filter. As a result, it gets dirty and becomes clogged, causing airflow to decrease. In extreme cases, this could cause the air conditioner to start icing up.

Check the filters often and change or clean them regularly. This is the easiest way to avoid potential problems with your unit and it’s also one of the easiest fixes that you can do yourself.

2. Did You Look At the Thermostat? | Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Issues with the unit’s thermostat are easily overlooked. If you just turn your system on when you need it, switch it to the coldest setting, then shut it down, odds are you’re not checking on the thermostat regularly.

First off, set the thermostat below room temperature. Secondly, be sure it wasn’t turned off by accident. Last but not least, check that the unit isn’t just set to have the fan blowing.

As long as the unit is getting power and the thermostat can be read, that’s most likely not the issue. Sometimes settings are changed by accident which causes unneeded stress and worry.

3. Have You Looked At the Breaker? | Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Did you have other appliances going when you turned on the air conditioner? You may have tripped the breaker without knowing it. If you had something else running at the same time, like a microwave, and that stopped working too, it’s definitely the breaker. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Simply find the flipped switch, flip it back, and voila! No money spent.

If your furnace and AC unit has been installed on a congested breaker, you may want to look into having it rewired to its own circuit. Your heating and AC unit uses a lot of power and you don’t want it competing with other high usage appliances like a stove, microwave, toaster, washer, or dryer.

4. When Was The Last Time You Cleaned It? | Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

The unit is probably dirty. Sometimes the simplest explanations are the correct ones. Take the time to give your air conditioner a good cleaning (when it’s off, of course!) and it will be good as new. Start with the outside by carefully cleaning the fan blades while removing any debris you find. Condenser fins should also be cleaned, but it’s important to be extra careful with both blades and fins. They are quite easy to bend and break which would only end up costing you money anyway.

If your AC unit is located near any plants or shrubs, trim them. As an air condition repair service, we’ve helped our clients solve bad air flow simply by having them trim the plants growing around their AC unit.

Infiniti Air Whitby | Serving Toronto, Whitby, Ajax, and the GTA

If these simple solutions don’t work, there’s a greater issue at play that needs to be addressed by professionals. Whether something’s broken, the unit has a leak, or there’s faulty wiring, a technician should be called to handle it.

Infiniti Air Whitby’s technicians are trained and fully-licensed HVAC professionals. With over fifteen years in the air conditioning repair business, we strive to give each and every customer complete satisfaction. Whether you need service in Toronto, the GTA, Ajax, or Whitby itself, we promise to give you the best possible experience from start to finish.

  • Sometimes a bit of troubleshooting is all the air conditioning repair you need.
  • Check the filters, the thermostat, and the breaker before anything else. If the unit hasn’t been cleaned in some time, start scrubbing.
  • For problems that need an experienced professional, contact Infiniti Air Whitby today.


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