Why is My AC Unit Leaking Water?

Why is My AC Unit Leaking Water?

An air conditioner is more than just a luxury on hot summer days; it is a lifeline that offers a cool haven from the intense heat. But what happens when your AC begins leaking water?

Picture this: here you are, probably listening to your favorite music, just relaxing in your apartment, with a perfect feeling of zen promoted by the cool breeze from your AC. You feel pleased until you notice water running down your AC’s sides. Seeing water leakage in the apartment causes anxiety, as the fact is, water leaks are something annoying and challenging to deal with.

So, why is my air conditioner leaking water inside the apartment? Why suddenly did water start dripping from the AC?

It is essential to have the root cause of the problem figured out to make your space comfortable and dry. We will now explore the primary reasons for the leakage of AC water and how to deal with them effectively.

Let’s get started.

Common Causes of Why AC Leaking Water

You’ve probably seen water dripping from your air conditioner or a water puddle forming around it, and you have probably asked yourself: Why is my AC leaking water? This is possible because several factors may be playing a part.

It can be things like water in the drain line or low refrigerant levels, but these are some reasons your AC can leak water if its normal functioning is disrupted.

Let us look at the usual causes of water leakage from air-conditioners and how to deal with them.

Clogged Drain Line

With time, waste, mud, and algae can clog the drain line, obstructing the water flow that will finally back up and leak into your AC unit. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the water drainage line will prevent clogging, facilitate the free flow of water, and reduce the chances of water leakage.

Dirty Air Filter

An air filter that is dirty or clogged will limit the airflow. It causes the evaporator coil to freeze and thaw which results in excess water accumulation and leakage because of the blockage. Changing or cleaning the air filter regularly is very important to achieve the desired result and avoid water leakage from the AC unit.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The low refrigerant levels can result in the evaporator coil becoming too cool, which creates condensation and leaks water. Remember to schedule regular inspections to confirm that your AC system is working correctly and that you are topping up the refrigerant levels. Immediately address any leaks to protect your AC system from further damage.

Damaged Condensate Drain Pan

A condensate drain pan is a tray beneath the evaporator coil in your AC that collects moisture removed from the air. If the condensate drain pan is cracked or damaged, it won’t be able to hold the water properly and cause the collected water to overflow and leak out of your AC unit.

Conducting regular checkups of the drain pan for any sign of damage during maintenance could identify and fix possible water leakage from the AC unit before it develops.

Improper Installation

Improper AC installation can lead to a leaky air conditioner. Incorrect installation might involve a poorly angled drainpipe which causes water to back up instead of flowing out. If there’s a gap between the condensate tray and the unit itself, it can allow water to leak instead of being collected. Such installation mistakes cause your AC to leak water.

The right technician who installs your AC system correctly will not only save you problems in the future but also ensure that your system operates correctly and efficiently.

Solutions to Try If Your AC Unit Leaking Water

Tackling an air conditioner that is leaking water can be an annoying experience. However, there are a few methods that you can adopt to solve this problem in the most effective way possible.

Everything from repairing or replacing the drain pan to leveling your AC unit will help you stop the leakage and avoid mold growth or any other health problems.

Let’s go through these solutions one by one to make it easier for you to keep your room dry.

Patch or Replace the Drain Pan

If your AC has a damaged or cracked drain pan, the water may leak from it. How extensive the damage is will determine whether you can patch up cracks or replace the whole drain pan with something more permanent. This ensures that the water is carefully gathered and diverted, thus reducing the risk of a water damage condition.

Clean the Drain Line/Drain Tube

Many issues can stem from a clogged drain line, the most common being that the water can’t drain from your AC unit and overflow into your home. The eventual accumulation of dust, algae, and other debris in the drain pipe may result in its blockage, leading to water leaking.

To fix this, locate the drain tube that connects to your air conditioning unit and carefully remove any object (debris, accumulation, etc.) that tends to restrict the water flow.

Also, periodically clean the drain line with a mixture of vinegar and water or a cleaning product intended for this purpose.

It helps remove any accumulated waste, permits water to flow freely, and avoids leaks from your AC unit.

Adjust the Tilt

If your AC unit is not correctly inclined, the water may not drain normally, after which leaks are dangerous. Tilting your AC unit slightly, with the front sitting lower than the back, encourages condensate to drain out the condensate pan and drain line instead of pooling inside the unit. This little trick that allows gravity to do its job will also help you overcome this problem and ensure water won’t creep its way inside your home.

Find the Trusted HVAC Repair Service

As a final measure, if you have tried all the above remedies and your air conditioner is still leaking water, consider involving a certified technician to carry out the necessary AC repairs.

Fix an appointment with a certified AC repair technician who can pinpoint the real problem and recommend proper repair if necessary. A professional technician should have the required proficiency and tools to diagnose and repair the complicated scenarios causing water leakages.

A qualified professional will fix the problem completely and safely, thus making your machine again operate as it used to and avoiding further damage.

Final Words

Fixing a leaking AC unit may be challenging, but several options exist to address the issue. From repairing or replacing the drain pan to cleaning the drain tube, these steps prevent many sources of leakage. Doing preventive steps and following the necessary instructions will help you handle the problem and have your system functioning correctly.

It is important to acknowledge that a reliable air conditioning system is essential for comfort and dryness, particularly during summer.

If you still need any help with your AC system, you can contact us.

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